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Hair Cutting and Styling Services

Hair Cut & Styling in St. Louis

Your hair is an extension of who you are and your hair cut or style should express your personality, fit in with your lifestyle, and complement your facial shape. As leading hair stylists in St. Louis, we offer hair cutting and styling services for people of all ages including women, men, teens, and children. Whether you are looking to maintain the perfect look, refine your style, or re-define your style with a completely new look, our hair stylists can give you the hair cut you want.

As experienced hair stylists, we can perform hair cuts for a variety of types and styles of hair. We are up to date with the latest techniques, trends, and styles and can help you find a hair cut that is fresh and perfectly you. Whether you know exactly the hair cut you would like or you need help finding your perfect style, our stylists are ready to help you.

Schedule Your St. Louis Hair Cutting Appointment

To schedule your hair cut or to learn more about our hair cutting services, please contact a stylists today at our St. Louis hair salon.

Your Hair Cut: Selecting your Style

When you come in to our St. Louis hair salon for a hair cut, we will work closely with you in order to ensure that the cut you get is exactly what you want. If you have an idea of the type or style of hair cut that you are interested from a photo or celebrity that you have seen, we can recreate this look on you. For those who have no idea what type of style or hair cut they want, our hair stylists can help you consider alternatives and select a perfect fit.

A good hair cut will:

  • Express your style and personality
  • Complement your facial features
  • Fit in with your lifestyle
  • Work with your hair texture
  • Allow you the versatility or ease of styling you desire

Tips for Choosing your Hair Cut and Style

The following are some general tips and facts that you may want to consider when you are selecting what type of hair cut you would like.

  • Longer hair cuts will offer more versatility when it comes to styling. However, the trade off is that these styles typically require more daily maintenance and styling.
  • Shorter hair cuts can offer style with the convenience of reduced styling time.
  • Shorter hair cuts and some other more tailored hair cuts will require more frequent cutting in order to maintain the style, while other types of hair cuts will grow out nicely. It is important to consider how frequently you will want to come back into the salon to maintain your look before selecting a higher maintenance cut.
  • When choosing a hair cut, it is important to keep in mind your hair's natural texture and volume as this will affect how a style looks.
  • You should consider the shape of your face and facial features when selecting a hair cut as your hair cut and style should complement your features. For example:
    • To tone down a prominent nose, you will want to incorporate softness into your style
    • To soften a pointed chin, you may want to choose a hair cut that provides extra width at the jaw line
    • To raise a low forehead, you should select a hair cut with wispy fringe instead of full bangs
    • To disguise a high forehead, your hair cut should incorporate full fringe or bangs
    • To accommodate a receding chin, you may want to choose a style that comes just below chin level with waves or curls