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St. Louis Hair Colorists: Professional Hair Coloring

Hair Colorist in St. Louis

The right hair color can add a whole new dimension to your style creating an amazing overall look. Whether you are ready for a major change or you need to find a new St. Louis hair colorist to maintain your current color, we can help. As experienced hair colorists, our stylists specialize in all types of coloring services including double process blonde, all-over highlights, single process color, dimensional foil highlighting, grey coverage, color gloss, and more. With our hair coloring services, we can create any look or style that you desire.

As experienced hair colorists in St. Louis, our stylists can help you select the best color for you based on your skin tone, facial shape, hair texture and natural color, and lifestyle. We utilize only trusted professional coloring lines and products so that your hair will always look vibrant, shiny, and healthy.

Schedule Your St. Louis Hair Color Appointment

Whether you are looking for all-over hair color, grey coverage, highlights, or lowlights, as leading St. Louis hair colorists, we can help you get the color you desire. To schedule your color appointment, please contact our St. Louis hair salon today.

Available Hair Color Services

The complete color services that we offer include:

  • All-Over Color: All-over color can create the most dramatic change for those who are interested in creating an all new look. Our hair colorists offer both single process & double process coloring in order to achieve any color and look you desire. Whether you are looking to go a shade or two darker or you want to be platinum blonde, it is best to let a professional hair colorist handle your color services. We can help you achieve just the color and style you are looking for.
  • Highlights and Lowlights: Highlights and lowlights can add dimension and depth to any hair color. As leading hair colorists, our stylists can add chunky highlights that create dramatic change or subtle highlights and lowlights that simply add dimension, style, and depth to your hairstyle.
  • Color Correction: Whether you tried to color your hair yourself or you went to a professional and your color simply did not turn out how you wanted, you have options and you do not have to walk around with that bad hair color. We can correct uneven coloring, incorrect color, spotting or stripes, overly lightened hair, and hair with unwanted golden, green, or purple hues with my color correction services.
  • Grey Coverage: We offer grey coverage services that can cover grey with lasting color that won't fade or wash out. Our experienced hair colorists can complete most grey coverage services in as little as 20 minutes in order to give you a natural, vibrant, and youthful look.
  • Color Gloss: A color gloss will add shine while adjusting the overall tone of your hair. This color treatment works by penetrating your hair's cuticle and can last two to four weeks. Our colorists can apply color gloss to correct highlights that are too bright or brassy or to create a subtle change in your hair color.

Choosing your New Hair color:Get a Professional Hair Colorist's Opinion

When you are choosing a hair color, you will have a variety of shades, tones, and color options available to you. In order to select the best hair color, you will want to consider your overall skin tone, your natural hair color, the amount of upkeep you are willing to commit to, and a variety of other factors.

As experienced hair colorists, we help each of our clients to select the perfect hair color based on their preferences and needs. For help selecting your color, please contact us at our St. Louis hair salon today.

Factors that we will consider in order to help you to select your new hair color include:

  • The amount of upkeep you are prepared for: You should consider this because when you select a color that is far different from your natural color, you will need to have your color touched up more frequently to keep the style looking its best. This will require more frequent appointments that you will need to fit into your schedule.
  • Your natural skin tone and color: Based on your natural skin tone, the different tones or shades of color will produce a different look. It is important that you find a shade that flatters your complexion for the best look. As an experienced hair colorists, we can help you to choose a shade that will complement your skin in order to help you look your best.
  • The overall look and style you are hoping to achieve: When choosing a hair color, you can select a color that will look natural or a more vibrant color for a dramatic look. Choosing natural colors will typically look more professional, while other colors can be seen as more trendy or cutting edge. It is important to determine what overall style you are going for when selecting your color in order to find a color that best fits your style.